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Dear reader,

This blog came into existence some years back when one of my siblings discovered that we had several other family members involved in a secretive group known as Shincheonji/Shinchonji.  

We are from a large, Christian family in the United States.  Many years ago one family member moved to South Korea, met and married a South Korean, and then he and his wife became involved in Shincheonji.  Later, they influenced two other family members who also joined their group. 

The information we present comes from conversations and correspondence with these family members.  We care about them deeply and have no desire to belittle them or other SCJ members, who are all loved by God.  However, as Christians, it is important to test end-time leaders and groups who claim to be Jesus´ only voice on earth (Lk. 21:8).  

We also felt other people around the world might come in contact with Shincheonji and benefit from what we found and give them the chance to assess the information for themselves.   

End-time leaders speak harshly against any Christian who disagrees with their message, labeling them as Satan´s agents or tools.  Manhee Lee and the SCJ website is no exception, but Mr. Lee also writes, ¨Christians should sincerely try to find out if this testimony is true¨ (Creation of Heaven and Earth, p. 566).  

People who join end-time movements often fall under a spiritual spell.  They only listen to what their leader reveals as they busily recruit others.  Yet, in Christian thinking, it is important to carefully evaluate a leader who assumes Jesus´ role in the end.  
In this blog, we assess many of the primary teachings and other issues in Shincheonji.  We quote from two of Mr. Lee´s books translated into English, ¨Creation of Heaven and Earth,¨ and ¨The Truth Regarding Revelation´s Fulfillment,¨ and cite from articles that were accessed on Shincheonji´s website. 

For those who wish to get Shincheonji´s fuller perspective, please consult their website articles.
Many of us in our family have had a special interest in Christian cults, Christian history, and Christian teachings.  So, it was very saddening and troubling to see family members get involved in Shincheonji.      

In our hearts, we have no intention to unkindly attack Mr. Lee or other Shincheonji members, many of whom are zealous and sincerely desire to see all of God´s future promises fulfilled on earth.  Like many members in other final movements, it is easy to appreciate their dedication and spiritual interests.  

In the blog, we attempt to write from a basic, Christian perspective - one that is common to people from all different Christian backgrounds and denominations.  We consider ourselves inter-denominational believers and do not promote any church or religious organization.  All who follow Jesus Christ belong to his body.  

We also hold that God´s message in his written word is the safest authority for Christians and should be used to refute ideas from spirit revelations to end-time leaders, not the other way around (Gal. 1:8, 2 Tim.3:16, I Jn. 4:1). We also hope to communicate the information in a gentle, kind tone with love and concern.  

Thank you for your interest in these topics.  

Best wishes in Jesus Christ,       

Jason M. Schmitz