Documentary on Shincheonji from South Korea.

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The notes below (in English) come from a Korean documentary put out by a Christian Broadcasting station in South Korea.  According to one source in the documentary, these videos have been used in churches in South Korea to educate Christians about SCJ.

The notes summarize some of the main problems discussed in counseling clinics about Shinchonji/Shincheonji.  For the complete version in Korean, see the links below.  For Shincheonji's counter perspective, consult Shincheonji's website and sources online.

Episode 1: Revelation
      In Korea, there are counseling centers, specifically for people who are in cults, have been in cults, or have family members who are in cults
o   90% of clients in these centers are members of SCJ
-          This 8-episode documentary will observe and follow families for 6 months
-          The first episode opens up with the story of a young woman (Hyo Eun) who comes to the counseling center with her mom
o   she was persuaded by her parents to attend these sessions
o   they made a deal- daughter will go to the counseling sessions as long as the parents go to the SCJ bible studies
o   the mom says that her daughter began changing, in appearance and in personality when she got into SCJ (darkened skin tone, neglect of her responsibilities, secretive, defensive, almost acting like a crazy person)
o   Hyo Eun begins session by declaring she will not change her beliefs and that SCJ is heaven. She makes it clear that these sessions will not change anything for her
o   (These counseling sessions in Korea focus on challenging SCJ beliefs and showing Scripture to prove that SCJ teaching is incorrect. The counselors are highly trained in SCJ doctrine and know every bible verse SCJ uses to prove their point)
o   even after 4 sessions of counseling, the daughter cries and begs her parents to let her go back to SCJ. she attempts to escape several times.
-          The Hyo Eun's (SCJ's) beliefs:
o   Lee Man Hee is the savior because the "spirit" of Jesus dwells in him since Lee Man Hee received the open scrolls of Revelation and ate it
o   She will not die physically nor will Lee Man Hee die (so those who have a fear of death fall into this trap)
o   The spirit of Jesus goes in and out of Lee Man Hee
o   lying is okay if it brings glory to God and wins souls
o   Jesus used parables to talk about the things of heaven
-          Countering SCJ's beliefs:
o   2 Thes. 2:1-3 - " Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we ask you, brothers,[a] not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come.Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness[b] is revealed, the son of destruction"
§  There's no way the "spirit of Jesus" dwells in Lee Man Hee
o   Other cults in Korea also say similar things like SCJ, such as claiming that their leader is the savior, the teacher of this generation, God, etc.
o   SCJ says the spirit of Jesus goes "in and out" of Lee Man Hee because if they say the spirit dwells permanently, then that means that the end and the second coming has already come.
§  Rev. 1:7 - Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail[c] on account of him. Even so. Amen.
·         Not EVERYONE saw that the spirit of Jesus came into Lee Man Hee. His encounter of "eating the scroll" was an individual, isolated experience
o   Luke 24:36-43
§  Jesus will come back just as he went to heaven- in the same way
o   Rev. 22:15
§  speaks against falsehood and lying. SCJ teaches that it is okay to lie in order to win souls; but that goes against the Bible.
o   Rom. 3 7-8
§  lying is not okay even when it is done to "bring glory to God"
-          SCJ prohibits members to go to counseling sessions
o   SCJ lies about what happens during counseling sessions
o   SCJ teaches that members will get beaten, drugged, and locked up if they go to counseling sessions
o   SCJ even shows videos of hired actors who pretend to have gone to counseling centers and were "beaten, drugged, and abused"
o   counseling center does not even provide water in case SCJ members falsely accuse that they've been drugged
o   SCJ also teaches members how to "fake it" and lie in case they do end up at a counseling session. They teach their members to lie to make their family members and the counselor believe that they're "getting it" so that they can be sent home and go back to SCJ
o   SCJ teaches that the moment members go into the counseling center, their spirits die and they are entering hell
-          History of SCJ
o   began in 1984 with few members and now, 2015, there are more than 150,000 members.
-          Family members of SCJ should never give up even though it might seem like there is no hope. Giving up is not the answer.

Episode 2: Youth
     Seventh day of Hyo Eun's counseling session
o   begins to see that SCJ is a lie and their doctrines are false
o   she promises never to go back to SCJ
-          Hyo Eun's confession
o   she was first introduced to SCJ by a friend. her friend approached her by getting her attention by showing her psychological and personality tests. she then was invited to go to bible studies.
o   they did not disclose they were SCJ at the beginning
o   approached her first by talking about "looking into one's self", being "humble", "reflecting on areas of weakness", prohibiting her to listen to other pastors because they have "evil spirits" and are "proud"
o   had the wrong idea of counseling centers due to SCJ's false teachings
o   she felt like a robot for the 8 months she was in SCJ. she was not allowed to think for herself, bring people into SCJ, slowly lost herself and her identity
o   SCJ constantly showed videos of their doctrines and history- brainwashing
o   then she learned how to approach people and evangelize them deceitfully
o   lied to her family that she went to "bethel church" (gave a false name to not disclose SCJ)
o   she was taught to lie to her family members, and they pressured her to quit her job in order to go "all in" into SCJ
o   SCJ even told her specifically what to say, how to say things to employers and family members
o   Hyo Eun attempted to commit suicide before going to the counseling center because she thought it was better to die physically than to die spiritually by going to the center
-          Now, Hyo Eun has left SCJ, is restoring her relationship with her family, restoring her faith and relationship with God and is getting plugged in back into society
-          College students and young adults highly desired by SCJ
o   because young people can work more and be used
o   can learn teachings faster and have less responsibilities
o   those who are hungry to learn about the Word are most vulnerable since SCJ pretends to answer all questions
o   students drop out of school and quit their jobs because SCJ pressures them to do so in order to be more effective
o   their main focus is to get all the 144,000 so school and career is not priority
o   students can live in the SCJ dorms if needed
o   family members who oppose SCJ are seen as the "Devil", or "evil people that are preventing them to go to heaven"
o   young adults are also vulnerable and desired because:
§  identity still forming
§  unemployed and beginning to get plugged into the real world
§  want to belong to something greater
§  being part of SCJ brings security and satisfaction
-          Da Hae's story
o   her parents drag her into the counseling center
o   Da Hae claims that she has been kidnapped and forced to come
o   tells her parents she doesn't love them anymore
o   calls her mom "ahjuma" (korean for Mrs. or maam) instead of "mom"
o   Da Hae calls the cops on her parents claiming that she was forcefully brought into SCJ
o   her parents are arrested

Episode 3: Addiction
      SCJ's Methods and tactics to deceive
o   it can happen to anyone
-          Pastor Shin Hyun Woo
o   was a leader in SCJ for decades
o   was the main leader who educated all SCJ teachers and leaders
o   he was Lee Man Hee's right-hand man
o   he first was introduced to SCJ in 1986 by his pastor who was learning the Bible from Lee Man Hee
o   at first, he did not know the doctrine was from SCJ
o   he was the only college student back then (age 21) so he quickly became one of the main leaders
o   currently, Pastor Shin is an active advocate to help bring awareness,  help family members, and help get current SCJ members out
o   now that Pastor Shin left SCJ, Lee Man Hee calls him the "traitor", the "betrayer", the "serpent" or "satan"
o   after reading the Bible in English, Pastor Shin began noticing discrepancies between Lee Man Hee's teaching and what the Bible was saying
o   he did a lot of research on Lee Man Hee for a month and realized that this was all a religious fraud
o   he learned that Lee Man Hee had been under other cult leaders for 24 years, and had made his own cult
o   before he left SCJ, he read one of Lee Man Hee's book that quoted that people must eat and drink Lee Man Hee's blood and flesh in order to be saved. That was the determining factor that made Pastor Shin realize that SCJ is a cult. He told everyone that his teachings were wrong. After Pastor Shin left, Lee Man Hee began denying that he had ever said or written that people must eat and drink of his blood and flesh. Now, even though his old books still say this, he denies it and claims that Pastor Shin is lying in order to make him look bad. Now, Lee Man Hee teaches that people are not to eat and drink of his flesh and blood.
-          How do people get into SCJ?
o   through teachings and bible studies
o   people get addicted to the study of parables and matching verses, making it seem like they're finally getting questions answered
o   two months is enough to learn their teachings, get addicted to them, and get brainwashed
o   after the study of parables, SCJ discloses that their church is actually SCJ. it is safe to disclose that after the two months because by then, they have already become addicted and brainwashed. however, if students find out that the teachings are from SCJ during or prior the 2 months, then they can reject the teachings and leave SCJ
o   most people who fall into SCJ admit that SCJ was attractive because they always had questions about the bible and SCJ answered them all (not knowing it is false doctrine)
o   those who are most vulnerable are not new believers but people who have been Christians for many years
-          SCJ trainings:
o   after completing the 2 month bible studies, members are told that they are part of SCJ and begin the following trainings:
§  New member's training
§  Recruiting new members training
·         they are given different manuals on how to recruit different types of people such as, those who are dependent on pastors, those who are highly educated, those who are stronger in personality, etc.
·         recruiters are called "harvesters"
·         they do plenty of research on potential members prior to approaching them
·         they find out all about them like personal information such as, family background, educational background, personality type, level of spiritual maturity, etc.
·         they observe potential members for weeks and plan out a strategic method to approach them
·         they pretend to randomly meet, when in fact, they have been observing potential members for weeks
·         Christians who have been hurt by the church are also vulnerable to being recruited
-          SCJ beliefs:
o   Lee Man Hee is the promised pastor/teacher and salvation is received only through him
o   understanding and learning parables brings salvation
o   Lee Man Hee received and ate the scrolls. He claims that the scrolls he ate (Rev. 4) is the entire book of Revelation. Therefore, only Lee Man Hee has the correct teachings of the Bible
§  However, this is false and does not make sense. The sealed scrolls in Rev. 4 is not the book of Revelation because there is no way John was done writing the entire book, since he is barely on chapter 5. He still had many visions to see and record. By chapter 5, John wasn't even half way through with writing the book. Therefore, the sealed scrolls are God's laws that were written in the Old Testament. If you look at Rev. 6, you can clearly see what those sealed scrolls are.
-          Parables of SCJ
o   According to SCJ, Gen. 1 is about a spiritual Creation, not a real, physical one
§  Heavens and the Earth (the people/the church)-
§  everything is symbolic and not literal for them
§  Adam and Eve were not the first humans on earth- they believe there were people already on earth prior to Adam and Eve
o   The second coming of Jesus
§  Matt. 24 and Rev 1 says that Jesus will return on the clouds, so that all can see him. however, SCJ claims that "heaven" and "clouds" have spiritual meanings. for them, "heaven" symbolizes the spiritual world, and "clouds" symbolize "spirit". Therefore, according to SCJ, they believe that Jesus will return not physically but spiritually, using the body of Lee Man Hee. Those who went to SCJ were first attracted because of their teachings. Therefore, they can come out of SCJ by correct, truthful teachings.

Episode 4: Lies
      SCJ members used to be normal people, who were simply hungry to learn the Bible.
-          Then how does SCJ get these people? By lying and strategically deceiving

-          Annual “World Peace” Festival
o   Each September, SCJ has a “World Peace” festival in Korea for 4 consecutive days
o   Religious leaders from all over the world are invited to attend (Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, etc.)
o   SCJ members from all over the world also unite that day in Korea
o   Letters are sent out all over the world using a non-profit organization name such as (IPYG) and Lee Man Hee is introduced as a man who travels worldwide to achieve world peace, after having fought in the Korean War.
o   The purpose of this festival is to “unite” all religions to become one under SCJ
o   However, the religious leaders that attend are not aware that this even is hosted by SCJ
o   SCJ makes it seem as if these leaders accept SCJ teachings and pledge to go back to their countries to teach the teachings. However, this is not true. SCJ hires fake actors to pose as people who love and accept SCJ teachings
o   Everything in the festival points out to Lee Man Hee. He is introduced as the "prince of peace", "the king of kings". Lee Man Hee teaches his doctrine at the festival.
o   victims and family members stand outside of the festival, protesting.
o   only SCJ members and foreign religious leaders who have been invited are allowed inside. news reporters and others are not allowed inside

-          Kim Nam Hee
o   Kim Nam Hee is the head of a religious non-profit organization called “Mannam”
o   She partners up with Lee Man Hee
o   At the 2012 "World Peace" Festival, Kim Nam Hee and Lee Man Hee got married “spiritually” and even had a ceremony in the “World Peace Festival”
o   They suspect that Kim Nam Hee will become Lee Man Hee successor after Lee Man Hee dies (Lee Man Hee is almost 90 and is physically becoming weaker so they are preparing for a successor)
o   she is called, "The mother of the nations"
-          “SCJ Centers”
o   In Seoul alone, there are more than 70 “SCJ Centers” where they teach SCJ bible studies.
o   These centers are not registered neither as a church nor a school- they are illegally operating. In Korea, by law, places that teach 10 or more students for more than 30 days are considered "academies" and must be registered under the "Educational System"
o   These “SCJ centers” use a fake name, pretending to be a “normal church” from a Christian denomination
o   Even students that go to these “SCJ centers” do not know they are SCJ centers. They were just invited to attend, and think they are simply attending a small church, or a small group
-          Evangelism
o   SCJ members are pressured and manipulated to “evangelize” and “bear fruit”
o   By the end of each month, SCJ puts up charts to compare productivity and “encourage” members to bring more people into SCJ
o   Their goal is to fill all the”144,000”

Episode 5: Wounds
     Episode begins with the story of a mother of two children, both children are in scj. The mother committed suicide. Prior to committing suicide, the mother visited the anti-scj counseling center in Korea.
-          Stories of people whose family members are involved in scj
o   SCJ members quit schools, their jobs, run away from their homes, and disconnect with family members all because of SCJ
o   SCJ members change 180 degrees (neglect family members, become defensive and attacking, calling parents “demons”)  and lie
o   Some SCJ members wrote suicide letters to family members, saying “the only way non-SCJ family members can receive eternal life “ is for them to kill themselves and lie
-          The reason why people fall into SCJ is because they don’t know the reality and the truth of SCJ.
-          People who have family members in SCJ protest, demanding their family members back.
o   SCJ prevents them from protesting, persecuting them and even bullying family members
o   But family members do not stop protesting because they feel like that’s the only thing they can do

     Episode begins with a scene of a father protesting with signs for his son who is in SCJ. The son sees his father and begins attacking his own dad both physically and verbally.
-          SCJ members evangelize their family members and others for selfish reasons
o   In order for their names to be recorded on the “book of life”, they must evangelize at least 2 people
o   Evangelizing is not for the sake of “lost souls” but for their own salvation
-          Episode shows many stories of people who have lost their members into SCJ.
-          SCJ affects the family and breaks relationships.
-          Religion that breaks families is not true religion.
-          Story of a high school student
o   She got into SCJ through the fake surveys SCJ hands out (another evangelizing tactic SCJ uses)
o   Mom brings her daughter into the Anti-cult Counseling Center. Makes a promise to go to the SCJ studies if the daughter goes to counseling
o   The daughter weeps and cries asking her parents to take her back home
o   She attends counseling with her parents for a week. Then lies to her parents and counselor saying that she now sees why SCJ is a cult and how their teachings are false. She lies in order to discontinue counseling. Her parents believe her and they agree to discontinue counseling until she finishes her college entry exam. However, after she leaves counseling, she never comes back and later admits that she had lied and played the game just so that she doesn’t have to continue counseling and can go back to SCJ.
     A man takes his wife (Kyung Hae) to the counseling center
o   Kyung Hae appears irritated and defensive
o   Kyung Hae claims that she is not “Stupid” and that she “tested” the teachings for herself and found them to be “true”
o   For four hours, Kyung Hae and the counselor go back and forth, attacking each other’s beliefs. Kyung Hae is very aggressive towards the counselor and gets into a heated argument.
o   They stop the counseling session. The husband asks everyone else to leave the room and has a conversation with his wife. Kyung Hae calms down and agrees to come back the next day to resume counseling.
o   The next day, counseling resumes. Kyung Hae begins to listen and be more open to learning biblical explanation
-          SCJ’s teachings vs biblical teachings (that are discussed during Kyung Hae’s biblical counseling session)
o   Lee Man Hee is the Savior (SCJ’s belief) vs. Lee Man Hee is human, like any one of us, unable to save because he himself is a sinner (human) (biblical belief)
§  for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, (Rom. 3:26)
§  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in[a] Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rom. 6:23)
§  Someone, other than a human, needs to save all of us
o   Each generation has a different Savior (SCJ’s belief)
§  Noah was the savior of his generation by telling people to get into ark to rescue them from the flood
§  Moses was the savior of his generation, delivering the people out of Egypt
§  Jesus was the savior of his generation, by dying on the cross
§  However, biblically speaking, Noah and Moses were NOT saviors- they were simply God’s messengers, and God’s prophets, used by God. God himself saved the people in the Old Testament, not the prophets/servants/messengers
o    Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)
-          After 9 days of consecutive counseling, Kyung Hae finally realizes she’s been deceived and confesses what SCJ has taught her
o   She realized that she held onto SCJ’s teachings for her own sake- to receive salvation, to live eternally, to be part of the 144,000, rather than believing in Jesus Christ for the sake of believing in Him.
-          What helped Kyung Hae turn away from SCJ was her husband’s love- her husband never gave up on her and walked through it with her until the end.

Episode 8: The Word (Final Episode)
     Kyung Hae and her husband attended a retreat and got baptized
-          Kyung Hae confessed that every single day she was at SCJ she was fearful. Fear compelled her to go out and bring more people into SCJ and learn their teachings in order to secure her salvation
-          Kyung Hae’s husband shares that he hopes churches will receive SCJ members and their families into their churches to restore them, rather than pushing them out in order to protect their church
-          What must the church do to help?
o   Churches must teach their members SCJ tactics to prevent falling into SCJ
o   Churches must teach their members the Word correctly so that they won’t seek to fill their spiritual hunger elsewhere
o   Churches must have compassion towards victims and not judge them
o   Churches must preach about salvation and the gospel more often, and correctly.
-          Christian churches in Korea are not blameless
o   Can’t just point finger at cults, but churches must also examine themselves
o   Prideful
-          1980’s, South Korea began developing drastically economically
o   Churches began expanding and preaching humanistic sermons, such as, “if you believe in Jesus, you will succeed and be rich” rather than teaching biblically that “believing in Christ” leads to eternal life, and that we are in the process of sanctification, to become more like Christ
o   Churches began focusing on tithing to grow the churches
-          CBS (Christian Broadcasting Station) started a campaign called, “SCJ OUT” to bring awareness, and equip churches by teaching about SCJ’s incorrect teachings.
-          Churches must teach and live out the Word, in order to withstand the attacks of cults.