The Volunteer Organization MANNAM and Shinchonji

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Here are some points, images, and articles dealing with the Mannam-Shinchonji connection.
An excerpt of an interview with a former Shinchonji member who spent nearly ten years in Shinchonji (1).

Question: Talk about Mannam and its connection to Shinchonji.

1. I had to watch a video on Mannam to find out it was started in 2003. The aim is to do good and bring all people together. Many Mannam members in SCJ are ignorant of many things that outsiders know about the group like the mote of “When light meets light there is victory” is an anagram and the Mannam logo is the combination of all 12 tribe colours and that Man Hee Lee, who is the “honorary chairman” and the combination of Kim Nam Lee's names give Man+Nam= Mannam.
2. All the upper level planning meetings of Mannam are done in the SCJ temple buildings and only Mannam members who are SCJ may attend those meetings. These meeting always have in attendance the high profile Mannam members who I found denied their association with SCJ if asked.
3. Funding for events comes from SCJ. The upper level members of the organization are SC. The organizers of groups such as Korean classes, Tai Kwan Do classes, photography classes, basketball, running club and cooking club are all headed by SCJ/Mannam members. They may be two different organizations but the direction of Mannam is clearly directed by SCJ.

A letter sent from a Shinchonji instructor to SCJ churches in South Africa.  It reveals that Mannam is ¨just a tool¨ to promote Mr. Lee's presence in the world.  The initials SSN (Seongseng Nim, a Korean word for teacher) refer to Shinchonji´s pastor, Manhee Lee (2).

Dear Churches, 

it is now going summer and i feel like going to beach^^ ( Not now)
Wonderful nature of South Africa make us humble before God's throne. we have more opportunity to understand the principle of nature that is God divine. with 23 days left towards SSN visits, we are moving more and more fast.

I hope we all pray so hard to accomplish God's will.

The purpose of SSN visit
1. To let all mankind know that Shinchunji is the only the place that can receive salvation and The advocate, who is Chairman of Shinchunji, is the only one that can lead us to heaven.
 2. To make everybody recognize Only Shinchunji can show heavenly culture. Mt. 11:27
Let us do not lose our focus on the purpose of SSN visit here.
In terms of the event, First priority of event should be Open bible seminar
we should put our energy and all the efforts on OBS first and the others are rest.
if we can make it perfect and beatiful then there is no argue. if we can bring many pastors,members and medias, then SSN should be pleased.

Mannam and WPI is just instrument to take an eyes from Media and Keyperson.
Eventhough the size of event that we will do in Capetown would be small, important thing is let Press and Media should know about the SSN.
Person who going to meet is more important.
The Keyword is SSN
and SSN's purpose is to let mankind know Revelation and fulfilment so that no one can excuse i did't hear the words.

The work we are doing now is not measurable thinking of ourselves. it is already beyond capacity ourselves.
However this is how God works. if we do just things that we can do, man will say " i did this Job"
but with numerous prayers and seeking God's wisdom desperately, if we did something that beyond our ability, we will say " God did this Job"
Obviously one of that ways will be judged but one of the ways will be admired.
God always ask us to overcome!! but if we do things that just we can do. How we can say " Father i did overcome like you, Jesus and SSN" in front of God's throne. we should manage ourselves and find a way to cope with all the matters with God's divine nature.

please constantly hang on God's purpose up until finished.
Then How we can seek God's wisdom?
Just prayer? NO!
If i myself am God's instrument, Others too are God's instruments.
Therefore we should trust 100 % each other.
if one do not believe that God will use not only myself but also the others, the one willnot listen to eachother.
we will not do work by oneself but seek God' wisdom from each other.
(Heb3:15, Heb4:1~2 , Nu22:30~33)
That is the way that SSN do too.
SSN entrust duty to us

Surely the cock of the walk and the self-righteous isn't God's instrument.  
Let us be true believers and True Belivers will acheive.
More importantly SSN belives in you.
Let us overcome!! amen

Have good day

Mannam invitation to pastors in Australia to attend an International World Peace/Bible seminar with Mr. Lee in April, 2013.  Airfare and accommodations are provided for by Mannam (3).

Mannam brochure with Manhee Lee's picture (and Kim Nam Hee's photo) on the back.  Kim Nam Hee, president of Mannam, is also a member of Shinchonji.  Manhee Lee is Mannam's honorary chairman (4).

Below is a former excerpt from Kim Nam Hee, the president of Mannam (5).

Although many agree that Mannam focuses on volunteer activities in public, from these articles and other reports online, it can be seen that Mannam's name and presence has bigger purposes for Shinchonji.  Many volunteers in Mannam are unaware of this.  

Article from a blog on Manhee Lee's importance in Mannam and in the world (6).

Man Hee Lee is the honorary chairman of MANNAM Volunteer Association.
He is the anchor of MANNAM Volunteer Association.

Through the 6th World Peace Restoration of Light Culture and Sports festival, the eyes and the ears of people, who have watched the event, have been opened. This festival has opened up their eyes and ears because it portrayed the culture of heaven where the spirit of heaven dwelt. Victory, joy, unity, and the flowers of love have bloomed widely, and the flames of peace have risen high.

The footsteps of world peace and the restoration of light have begun humbly, but prosperous will the end be! The seed of the light of life has been planted, and it will bear its fruit. Light has met with another light, and they will become a greater light. World peace will be accomplished, and light will be restored as everyone is united through love. All things will respond to the culture of the pioneers, who bring world peace and restore the light.

The representative of the Mannam Volunteer Association, Ms. Kim, has been watching the honorary chairman closely. There is a statement the representative Kim has been proclaiming during each and every festival she hosted. She has spoken several times in public how the honorary chairman, Lee, Man Hee, was someone that the Republic of Korea as well as the whole world absolutely needs, and that everybody should at least meet him once in their life time. 

During one of the opening speeches for the World Peace Festival, the representative Kim confidently assured everyone that the 6th World Peace Festival would surely let everyone understand why the honorary chairman, Lee, Man Hee, was an essential person to all mankind. If you were one of the spectators of the event on that day, you will know the answer to her statement. 

International participants around the world didn’t leave their seats from morning till late night. Shouts from the participants never stopped for a second. People’s hearts and thoughts were united throughout the event. This is the answer to her statement. The honorary chairman Lee is the embodiment of the true light, life and love, and he continues working to bring peace and to restore the light to the world. He is someone that all mankind should at least meet once in order to accomplish world peace.

(1)  See interview with former Shinchonji member on this blog.
(2)  Information courtesy of Peter Daley's site, a non-Christian who has done extensive research on the relationship between Mannam and Shinchonji.
(3)  Image courtesy of
(4)  Information courtesy of, Wikipedia on Shinchonji.